VOGELBUSCH BIOPHARMA designs and supplies plants and systems for upstream processes, from the preparation, storage and filling of media to fermentation and harvesting. In any scenario, we can support and advise your company and plan the best possible solution for you: 

Media preparation

Media preparation tanks including downstream sterilization and/or media filtration (depth filtration, bioburden reduction using 0.2 µm filters)


Bioreactors for microbial fermentation, propagation of cell cultures in suspension and cultivation of adherent cells on micro carriers 

Fermentations techniques:

  • Microbial fermentation - Batch, Fed-Batch
  • Cell cultures - batch, fed-batch, continuous using perfusion (harvesting of cell-free culture supernatants), dialysis fermenter (removal of growth/product-inhibiting by-products from fermentation medium)



  • Cell separation by means of microfiltration for harvesting biomass or cell-free culture
  • Cell disruption by means of high-pressure homogenizers (processes using microbial

 Completed Facilities

  • Pilot facilities and sytems for manufacturing of clinical batches
  • Multiple-line fermentation systems including inoculum, preculture and production

Areas of Application

  • Microbial fermentation: Production of pharmaceutical agents containing recombinant microorganisms, production of enzymes and hormones
  • Cell culture: Manufacture of pharmaceutical agents (enzymes and hormones), production of monoclonal antibodies for therapeutic and diagnostic applications, production of virus vaccines