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VOGELBUSCH BIOPHARMA develops and supplies tailor-made package units for a large variety of customer requirements. Our prefabrication method relies on the complete preassembly of functional units mounted on skids and ready for shipment.


Equipment Manufacturing by VOGELBUSCH BIOPHARMA - turning mission-critical to on-time

Vogelbusch Schweisser

Perfect conditions for on-time

Our equipment manufacturing facility provides the best possible conditions for working in every respect – the available space for facilities and workforce and the location in the Free Zone of Rousse, Bulgaria with optimal transport connections.

• Building with 950 m2 production area and 500 m2 storage area for raw materials, fittings, vessel components and required consumables
• Flexible options for manufacturing of bioreactors, sterile process tanks, mobile vessels or other pharmaceutical equipment
• Work space for up to 25 fitters, welders and grinders in one shift – 24/7 working model option for time critical projects
• Traceability | Project-related material management using a proprietarily developed central data-base to connect all information, e.g. design documents, purchasing, material tracking, incoming goods inspection and material certificates
• Integrated system for providing data for quality assurance and process control

Designed, manufactured and tested for your success

• Customized vessels with a working volume range between 1 L up to 160.000 L
• We hold approvals for material groups FM5 (1.4404, 1.4435, 1.4539),  FM6 (Hastelloy) and certificates according to EN 14732 and EN 9606
• Welding procedures are certified for TIG, MIG, MAG flux cored wire and TIG  orbital tube
• Heating or cooling systems via double jacket, half-pipe coils and pillow plates or inside the vessels via heated or cooled baffles
• Surface finish options from bright-rolled pickled to electrochemical-polished  Ra <0.4µm
• Vogelbusch Biopharma guarantees certified and quality-controlled solutions

Vogelbusch Biopharma guarantees certified and quality-controlled solutions complying with international requirements, regulations and guidelines:
 EN ISO 3834-2 | EN 1090-1 (2012) | EN 1090-2 (2012) | AD 2000 HP0/HP100R | EN 13480 | EN 13445 | proper transfer of stamps
• Separate storage for individual material lots
• Inspection during manufacturing and quality control according to EN ISO 9001:2015
• Various NDT in-house: RT, PT and VT
• GMP documented incoming goods inspection
• Documented factory acceptance test (FAT-riboflavin testing, pressure drop test for duplicates, agitator test run)
• Preparation of interconnected electronic documentation


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