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Vogelbusch workflow

VOGELBUSCH BIOPHARMA has developed FS INPUT® as a database tool for the creation of functional specification documents for process automation. The specifications which serve as a basis for the coding of the process control software are provided in a standardized and structured way, according to the requirements of the modern life science industry.

The database is structured in a modular and class based way, following the current guidelines of ANSI/ISA-88. Therefore FS INPUT®is suitable for the automation of complex and large scale projects. Several import- and export functionalities provide interfaces to standard software. Due to an efficient master-/reference system as well as a central data and revision management, the effort for preparation and modification of documents is reduced significantly.

Functional specifications created in FS INPUT®can be used for all types of automation systems and are not restricted to one supplier. Furthermore
FS INPUT® supports the total life cycle of functional specification documents and keeps them up to date throughout software coding, qualification and process optimization.

For more information see: fsinput.vogelbusch-biopharma.com