VOGELBUSCH BIOPHARMA is your competent partner for the design and supply of process facilities for product preparation and purification. We provide consultation, planning and procurement services according to each customer's wishes, from single units to entire downstream lines including buffer supply:

Buffer preparation and supply:

indispensable for downstream processing  

  • Buffer preparation tanks 
  • Solid matter feeding systems (e.g. big-bag handling); also featuring dust extraction systems to prevent contamination 
  • Buffer filtration (e.g. bioburden reduction using 0.2 µm filters) 
  • •Filling stations for buffer storage tanks or bags 

Chromatography systems

used by many processes as an important purification stage

  • Inline dilution, gradient systems, chromatography 
  • Fractionation in mobile tanks or bags 
  • •Chromatography columns 
  • •Packing concepts as well as equipment for chromatography columns 


Ultra and diafiltration

concentration and changing of buffers between different purification stages

  • Skids for a large variety of membrane systems (flat screen, hollow fiber), ultrafiltration 


Reaction tanks

Equipped for a large number of different tasks

  • PEGylation
  • Reduction reactions
  • Crystallization 
  • Mobile tanks and small containers for chemicals


For particle separation or bioburden reduction





Product filling and deep-freezing

  • Sterile filtration
  • Filling concepts, laminar flow workbenches
  • Deep freezing systems