Project Management


project management

VOGELBUSCH BIOPHARMA provides the organizational framework for the design, construction and  commissioning of all pharmaceutical production systems. Due to the scope, duration and  strategic significance of such projects, outstanding project management using tried-and-tested
methods is essential.   

For us, project management is an important support process. Our support will include the following tasks: 

  • Definition of project goals
  • Development of project organization and project team 
  • Resource planning
  • Monitoring and control of scheduling, costs and overall performance 
  • Controlling
  • Contract management
  • Interface management with other trades

Vogelbusch Engineering Konzeptphase

Classic project management tasks include the recording, monitoring and control of deadlines, costs and performance. Therefore we employ tried-and-tested methods such as milestone and bar charts (Gantt charts), budget plans, work breakdown structures (WBS) as well as work package specifications.

Due to the high quality requirements for pharmaceutical production plants, quality criteria for the various processes and services in a given project are defined as early as in the project management stage. They are also a part of ongoing project coordination and periodical project controlling activities.

We implement suitable communication structures within our own project team as well as between us and our customers and suppliers, continuously improving them by means of action plans.

Integrating our project team into the overall project structure of our customers is yet another challenging task accomplished by our project management.

We rely on our long years of experience, our project management expertise as well as the use of carefully selected project handling methods combined with our engineering know-how. Therefore we are able to realize your projects at a superior level of quality - within budget, on time and in conformity with your performance specifications.


The commercial and technological execution of projects is one of our core competencies.

As part of our commercial services, we define and track the applicable delivery and payment terms as well as the overall scope of services associated with the supply of engineering products. These activities include the management of quotations, taking into account all technological aspects of the respective project.

We collaborate with our customers in the specification of all of their facilities’ components. We then review the offers submitted by suppliers and determine which of their products and components are suitable. The essential tasks of our project teams include the development of alternative engineering options as well as necessary technical adaptations. As each project progresses, we accompany and supervise manufacturing processes of components and products. Prior to their delivery, the quality of all products and the respective documentation is verified by means of acceptance testing.

Installation supervision

In order to guarantee the proper functionality of process systems, our experienced staff will be on site during the delivery, assembly, mounting and installation of plants and components. Their main task is to supervise the assembly work carried out by our suppliers; however, they are also responsible for planning and coordinating installation activities with other sectors such as construction, building services engineering as well as  trades such as process and utilities specialists.

quality management

Our project team emphasizes the quality of the final product already in the planning and design stage. Our skilled employees guarantee the superior quality of our services through strict compliance with the ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system established at VOGELBUSCH BIOPHARMA.

Our high standard of quality is, maintained and improved by regular training of our staff. This ensures that the entire process, from planning to manufacturing, construction and commissioning, is documented in a proper and transparent way. 

contract management

As our projects involve cooperation on international level, we take a large variety of contractual systems into account, as well as both local and international laws, rules and regulations. Apart from simple orders involving services, equipment, etc., such types of contracts may also involve highly complex consortium and turnkey agreements.

When building complex production facilities in cooperation with our customers and suppliers, we ensure clarity and transparency by contractually defining the scope of services of each project. We also take all the procedures into account, that are applied in case of project modifications or with regard to liability and warranty issues.


The first budget plans in the form of a detailed cost estimate are available as soon as the basic engineering phase has been completed. Throughout the more detailed engineering and implementation process, monthly expenses are monitored and compared with the relevant final costs, based on estimated costs and project cost forecasts. Any modification in the scope of services is reviewed and assessed based on its cost before being included in the budget plans. This guarantees, that our customers are able to stay on top of overall facility construction costs at all times.

supplier audit

We require our suppliers to manufacture their products and components in conformity with the highest quality standards and to provide appropriate documentation. To this end, we regularly audit all our suppliers to ensure that our customers will be provided with the best quality possible.

interface management

It takes a multitude of different trades to build pharmaceutical plants and facilities. It is our job to organize and coordinate the requirements of all trades involved in a given project as soon as the planning stage begins.

Our specialists perform the challenging task of coordinating all work associated with construction, building services engineering and process systems in order to design and realize your process facilities just in time.